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    Get Smarter About The Entire Commodity Complex

    The TechnoMental Commodity Report is one of the most comprehensive, deep-dive research reports available on commodities markets today. The analysis is founded on decades of experience in the sector. The report is designed to give you everything you need to know about commodities while also providing actionable buy and sell recommendations. Over 100 members are taking advantage of the TechnoMental Commodity Report's insights.

  • Get access to nearly 7 hours of Chief Market Strategist Todd "Bubba" Horwitz as presented in this 7 part Las Vegas Seminar Series.

    This incredible series of presentations, recorded in Las Vegas, will explain and clarify the different types of markets and how to trade them.  The topics include Basics of Trading, Trading Options, Trading Futures as well as advanced techniques that includes how to exit Stock Options through the buying/selling of the underlying Stock and how to trade the monthly Jobs Number.

    Lesson 1: Understanding the Basics

    Lesson 2: Trading Options

    Lesson 3: The Jobs Number

    Lesson 4: Minimizing Risk

    Lesson 5: Exiting with Stock

    Lesson 6: Trading Futures

    Lesson 7: Automated Hedging Software

    ***2019 Las Vegas Seminar Videos recently added