Playing by the rules is critical for success in life. In sports, ignoring rules lead to costly penalties that can swing a win to a loss. In life, sidestepping rules can lead to expensive fines or even the loss of freedom. In trading and investing, rules avoid the costly mistakes caused by ego and emotions. No one is smarter than the markets. The price of an asset is always the right price.

Futures markets tend to be highly volatile. Many market participants avoid futures because of the leverage and wide price variance. What they do not realize is that volatility creates opportunities.

Bubba Horwitz’s Futures Portfolio Management and the Micro & Mini Futures Portfolios offers a systematic approach to the markets with lots of low hanging fruit when it comes to profits.

The system takes advantage of bull and bear market trends, so it always carries risk positions. Your capital is always working for you and never sits on the sidelines as markets never sleep.

The system is diversified. Diversification tends to lower risk and enhance rewards. A safer approach to trading and investing increases confidence and allows for more substantial long-term rewards over time.

Subscribers to the program receive:

  • A Futures Portfolio Management System that minimizes risk while maximizing profits
  • The system employs algorithms for all trades and risk positions
  • Subscribers can choose from four portfolios that differentiate between the desired level of capital at risk- Full futures, micro, and mini portfolios are available
  • Subscribers receive email and text updates as well as web access through
  • Automatic execution is available via a fully vetted brokerage firm
  • Trading webinars occur approximately every two weeks

The Futures Portfolio Management system is only available through Bubba Trading for $299 per month. Substantial savings are available for annual subscribers at $3000 per year.

Bubba Trading can take the mystery and fear out of the futures market, opening a whole new world of opportunity for investors and traders.