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    The TechnoMental Commodity Report is one of the most comprehensive, deep-dive research reports available on commodities markets today. The analysis is founded on decades of experience in the sector. The report is designed to give you everything you need to know about commodities while also providing actionable buy and sell recommendations. Over 100 members are taking advantage of the TechnoMental Commodity Report's insights.

  • Not enough rain in Nebraska, spring freeze in Florida, or a mild winter in Minnesota.

    Often it is headlines like these that will make a savvy equities investor tremble at the thought of investing in wheat, orange juice or heating oil.  Today to truly diversify your investments you need a position in the futures markets.

    It can be intimidating to buy corn, cocoa or cotton, but with my algorithmic futures program trading copper is as simple as reading a text message and making the trade with your broker.  

    Algorithmic trading allows your portfolio to grow while you are 100% invested at all times, in all market conditions. Do you want daily speculative trades? Algorithmic trading will give you those also. 

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