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  • Hedging Your Portfolio Courses

    $150.00 / month with a 6-month free trial and a $2,500.00 sign-up fee

    Protect against a deep and dark correction that could be looming
    Increase your holdings when the market collapses

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    Hedging is not an option for successful market participants; it is a requirement. The cardinal sin of trading or investing is allowing a profitable position to become a loss.
    Bubba Horwitz spent decades in the rough and tumble Chicago trading pits. He traded for his account, executed customer orders, and was his client’s eyes and ears at ground zero in the markets. Bubba taught many traders, investors, and other market participants after honing his hedging strategy.
    Hedging against risk involves the use of financial instruments or market strategies to offset or mitigate risk. Bubba’s hedging class will teach under-hedging at lows and over-hedging at highs to increase the odds of success in markets.
    A proper hedge allows for protection from adverse moves and participation in profitable ones. Graduates of Bubba’s hedging class master proven strategies for markets across all asset classes.
    Hedging class participants receive:
    • Live training with Bubba Horwitz in seven weekly sessions (recordings are available)
    • Each session includes at least one hour of instruction
    • A 6-month  free trial for the automated hedging software available through, including email updates and web access
    • Automatic execution is available through Tradier
    • Lifetime access to join any hedging class in the future to brush up and improve skills
    Taking the emotion out of trading and investing can be a lot more challenging than it may seem. Bubba’s automated hedging software is a tool that strips fear and greed from trading and investing.
    The software is web-based. Once you set up a portfolio, emails/texts will guide buying and selling, removing all emotions, replacing them with objective action.
    The trade alerts also offer direct trading links to Bubba’s preferred online brokerage partner for swift and easy execution.


    Hi Todd –

    Yesterday I hedged my NFLX position  with a  (-7) 108/(+14) 107 Backratio Put spread.

    Today, I gladly paid the $700 for the short 108/107 Puts and then exercised my 700 Shrs NFLX for $107 (currently @ $94.87).

    Now THAT’s hedging!

    Thanks so much –


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  • Live Futures

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    Day Trade Futures Live with Todd "Bubba" Horwitz 

    Join Bubba for Live Day Trading via webinar registration most days Monday through Friday

  • Get access to nearly 7 hours of Chief Market Strategist Todd "Bubba" Horwitz as presented in this 7 part Las Vegas Seminar Series.

    This incredible series of presentations, recorded in Las Vegas, will explain and clarify the different types of markets and how to trade them.  The topics include Basics of Trading, Trading Options, Trading Futures as well as advanced techniques that includes how to exit Stock Options through the buying/selling of the underlying Stock and how to trade the monthly Jobs Number.

    Lesson 1: Understanding the Basics

    Lesson 2: Trading Options

    Lesson 3: The Jobs Number

    Lesson 4: Minimizing Risk

    Lesson 5: Exiting with Stock

    Lesson 6: Trading Futures

    Lesson 7: Automated Hedging Software