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  • Live Futures Annual

    $2,000.00 / year

    Day Trade Futures Live with Todd "Bubba" Horwitz 

    Join Bubba for Live Day Trading via webinar registration most days Monday through Friday

  • Playing by the rules is critical for success in life. In sports, ignoring rules lead to costly penalties that can swing a win to a loss. In life, sidestepping rules can lead to expensive fines or even the loss of freedom. In trading and investing, rules avoid the costly mistakes caused by ego and emotions. No one is smarter than the markets. The price of an asset is always the right price.

    Futures markets tend to be highly volatile. Many market participants avoid futures because of the leverage and wide price variance. What they do not realize is that volatility creates opportunities.

    Bubba Horwitz’s Futures Portfolio Management and the Micro & Mini Futures Portfolios offers a systematic approach to the markets with lots of low hanging fruit when it comes to profits.

    The system takes advantage of bull and bear market trends, so it always carries risk positions. Your capital is always working for you and never sits on the sidelines as markets never sleep.

    The system is diversified. Diversification tends to lower risk and enhance rewards. A safer approach to trading and investing increases confidence and allows for more substantial long-term rewards over time.

    Subscribers to the program receive:

    • A Futures Portfolio Management System that minimizes risk while maximizing profits
    • The system employs algorithms for all trades and risk positions
    • Subscribers can choose from four portfolios that differentiate between the desired level of capital at risk- Full futures, micro, and mini portfolios are available
    • Subscribers receive email and text updates as well as web access through
    • Automatic execution is available via a fully vetted brokerage firm
    • Trading webinars occur approximately every two weeks

    The Futures Portfolio Management system is only available through Bubba Trading for $299 per month. Substantial savings are available for annual subscribers at $3000 per year.

    Bubba Trading can take the mystery and fear out of the futures market, opening a whole new world of opportunity for investors and traders.

  • Day trade without the worry of overnight risk let someone else handle the trading!

    • Algorithmic trade signals provided by Bubba, executed by CTG 
    • Trades 9 markets.
    • Uses Micro contracts when available.
    • Averages 2-3 trades per day between 8am-3pm, CST.
    • All day trades. No overnight hold.
  • Learn how to use leverage properly ~ Trade mechanically and emotion free.

    Crowds make the best decisions. In 2006, James Surowiecki wrote a book, “The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes, Business, Economies, Societies, and Nations.” In his work, Surowiecki examines case studies to prove his thesis. Markets are transparent, and the price of any asset at any time is always the correct price. Markets are always right because they reflect the wisdom of the crowd.

    Trends reflect if buyers or sellers are more aggressive, representing the consensus or wisdom of the crowd. Trend following is the optimal approach to making profits in markets; ask any successful trader or investor. Even value investors who pour through fundamentals understand that the analysis can be useless if the crowd does not adopt a bullish or bearish stance.

    The most significant problem traders and investors face when approaching markets comes from within. Emotions run counter to logic and trend-following. The market is always right, and emotions like fear and greed drive humans to make bad decisions.

    Bubba Trading’s Equity Portfolio Management service looks to hit home runs in markets with mathematical precision. The model and its algorithms do not look to buy bottoms or sell tops; that is a losing strategy over time. Instead, the system works to take the “meat” out of trends or moves.  

    • The Equity Portfolio Management System minimizes risk while maximizing profits
    • The system employs mathematical precision for all trades and risk positions
    • Subscribers can choose from three model portfolios that differentiate between the desired level of capital at risk
    • Subscribers receive email and text updates as well as web access through
    • Automatic execution is available via a fully vetted brokerage firm

    The Equity Portfolio Management service is only available through Bubba Trading. Let Bubba Trading help you trade and invest like a pro, stripping the dangerous fear and greed emotions away from your approach to markets.


  • Automated Hedging Software

    You’ve taken Bubba’s “Hedging Your Portfolio” course and are ready to start hedging! No matter how perfect your plan is, it is still subject to the human element of emotion. Our Hedging Software will implement the teachings from the Hedging course and remove the emotions that can come into play when trading.

    “Is it still going up?” and “if I wait 5 minutes it might get cheaper” are statements of fear that can cost you money.

    Once you setup your portfolio in our web-based software, all you have to do is wait for the emails/texts telling you what to do. No more emotions, just actions.

    Our “Trade Alerts” also have direct trading links to our preferred online brokerage partner for 1-click trades where you can complete a trade in as little as 5 seconds.

     Gold Membership

    • Unlimited portfolios*
    • $1 to $10, configurable
    • $1 to $10, configurable
    • 2% to 7%, configurable
    • Configurable
    • 6 updates, configurable
    • 13 user configurable options

    * portfolios must be created for account holder only. Not for friends or clients.

    **This special is ONLY available to current members who have already taken Bubba's Hedging Your Portfolio Courses.

  • Learn to take advantage of the next Market Meltdown

    Hedging Your Portfolio On Demand Course Recordings

    Hedging is not an option for successful market participants; it is a requirement. The cardinal sin of trading or investing is allowing a profitable position to become a loss.
    Bubba Horwitz spent decades in the rough and tumble Chicago trading pits. He traded for his account, executed customer orders, and was his client’s eyes and ears at ground zero in the markets. Bubba taught many traders, investors, and other market participants after honing his hedging strategy.
    Hedging against risk involves the use of financial instruments or market strategies to offset or mitigate risk.  A proper hedge allows for protection from adverse moves and participation in profitable ones. 

    The story never changes, protection is always the key. Hedging properly allows the investor to participate in up moves, not be destroyed in down moves and at certain points increase the yield in dollars to your portfolio. Bubba Trading teaches you the investor the strategies to handle the hedging and management on your own. This program is a seven course recorded series so you can move at your own pace.

    Hi Todd –

    Yesterday I hedged my NFLX position  with a  (-7) 108/(+14) 107 Backratio Put spread.

    Today, I gladly paid the $700 for the short 108/107 Puts and then exercised my 700 Shrs NFLX for $107 (currently @ $94.87).

    Now THAT’s hedging!

    Thanks so much –