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Back to Vegas – Trading Mastermind Conference 2024


Join Bubba Trading & the Target Trading team at the first Mastermind Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada April 23-25, 2024 (or as early as Monday 22 April 2024 if you would like to attend the cocktail party!)

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Join Bubba Trading & the Target Trading team at the first Mastermind Conference of the year in magical Las Vegas!

Hosted at The D Hotel from April 23-25th (or the night of the 22nd if you want to be at the cocktail party!), Target Trading Academy will be hosting the ultimate traders’ Mastermind Conference.

The Mastermind will cover a variety of topics, many of which are not discussed in the regular live trading rooms or classrooms and are exclusive to the Mastermind Conference program. The sessions are designed to be intimate and interactive.

The Education:

The education component is designed to be an intimate, hand-holding experience for all levels of students.

Topics include: Advanced Market Context, Trading Like a Hedge Fund, Fire & Forget, Time, Timing & The Market, and more! Futures daytrading, algorithmic trading, Equity portfolio management and options will be covered.

Sharpen and polish your technical skills. Learn the details you were missing on some of the more complicated methods.

The Education Teams will be there to work with you in intimate sessions, to help you transition from a good to a great trader.

The D Hotel:

D Las Vegas has helped revitalize the Downtown area to bring the ultimate Downtown Las Vegas experience. Today, we bring the modern-day casino and a hotel experience with touches of vintage Las Vegas throughout. From comfortable rooms in the heart of the city, to blackjack tables and slots old and new, to bars that provide entertainment with specialty drinks, come stay at the D.

And the best part? Rooms are only $29+tax a night! How can you beat that price!

CLICK HERE to go their website or call them at (800) 274.5825

The Package:

Package includes the cocktail party on 4/22, live trading in the mornings, and over 16 hours of classroom experience. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are included.

$1500 for the first 15 to sign ups, $2000 thereafter, so don’t delay. (Click to see if you qualify as 1 of first 15)