Futures Portfolios Weekly Update 12/2/2023

Futures Symbol Guide

The Futures Model Portfolios had massive gains this week as strong trends particularly in stock indexes, pushed up equity. The 350k made a historic high equity close.

We have ten (10) markets in mega-trade status meaning an open trade equity of 3k or more. In addition, 88.9% of our trades are winners meaning we are on the right side of most markets.

The premise of the algorithm is that it cannot miss a major trend move (or moves) and we did not miss this one either.

*New trade alert*

Reverse March Sugar to short
Sell Dec Micro Russell 2000/Buy March (roll)

We will roll currencies and stock indexes next week.

We are all trend followers if we are profitable traders and this is because the trend is the basis of all profit. Even if we are in a trade for two minutes and make a profit, during those two minutes, the trend (price movement) was in our favor and the short-term trend made the profit on the trade possible.

New Trade Alert

**Apply these trend changes/roll-overs to all pertinent Model Portfolios**

Trades can be entered during the electronic night session or in the morning. There is some flexibility in terms of when you enter a new trade and this is because our profits are not marginal. Trade prices shown on the Model Portfolio spreadsheet are what I get for my own trades. Yours can be better or worse.

Don’t be shortsighted and look at one day or one week, this is about the long run, our returns are the best in the industry, history tells us if we follow the model and the rules we make lots of money.

New Portfolios 12/2/2023

350 K




Conceptual Basis of the Algorithmic Futures Trading Method

As trend followers, we only need a few big moves a year to make big bucks. My Mega-Trend Trading Method will get aboard a market and hang on for big moves. Because of it, we can achieve great profitability year in and year out. We look to hit home runs- not singles.

Most trend following methods have a low winning trade percentage (typically 32-39%) and for that to work there must be a few big winners to offset the frequent losers. However, my method does not suffer from this problem due to an overall 66% winning trade percentage.