Bubba’s Equity Portfolios Weekly Update No New Trades 6/15/2024

The S&P 500 was +85.36 for the week closing at a new historic high and it closed near the weekly high as well. So if you want to make money, let the trend make it for you.

3A made a new weekly closing equity high and the other two are fractions away as well. With so much bearish sentiment, we could go a lot higher before the many bears throw in the towel.

*There are no new trades*

Amateur traders are always looking for the “why” in trading when they should only focus of the “that” because we don’t know whys- but we do know the that. If a market is making higher highs and higher lows, “that” is the very definition of an uptrend. We usually will never know “why” a market does anything. Most losers in the markets think they must have reasons for making a trade based on all kinds of subjective junk. Not us.

Our method is objective, and 100% rule based. There is nothing to understand other than what the algorithm is telling us. Follow the rules and make money- it’s that simple.

Here is the formula we use

For a Long Position
Buy the at the money Call
Sell a Put Spread starting with the at the money Put and using the recommended
distance for the Put Spread

For a short Position
Buy the at the money Put
Sell a Call Spread starting with the at the money Call and using the recommended distance for the Call Spread

ATM = At the Money
Long Put = Short Call Spread
Long Call = Short Put Spread

Remember the Groups are only updated once a week, although we have new trades during the week, changes to the Portfolios are only reflected on Saturday. 

New Portfolios 6/15/2024

1A – 25K

2A – 18K

3A – 8K