T-Mobile customers across the United States reported network outages that rendered them unable to make phone calls or access the internet on Monday. Other wireless carriers said the outages were disrupting connections for their customers when they tried to call T-Mobile lines.

“Our engineers are working to resolve a voice and data issue that has been affecting customers around the country,” tweeted Neville Ray, T-Mobile’s president of technology. The company later added that the outages are a result of a “widespread routing issue affecting voice & text.” A few hours later, Ray tweeted that “data services are now available & some calls are completing.”

On Monday afternoon, the service-tracking site Down Detector received more than 100,000 outage reports from across the United States. By Monday evening, the number of reports, which indicated problems making phone calls and accessing the internet, had fallen to about 25,000.

T-Mobile executives over the past two years touted their engineers’ technical know-how as they sought regulators’ approval to take over Sprint, arguing that their smooth integration of MetroPCS was a model for how to join two dissimilar networks.

Combining cellphone networks is a technically complex process that often saddles telecommunications companies with higher costs. Sprint’s growth stumbled after it acquired rival Nextel Communications Inc. in 2005 and took nearly eight years to meld the two businesses.

T-Mobile is planning a swifter timeline this summer for the shift of Sprint subscribers onto its network, clearing the way for the eventual decommissioning of older infrastructure. The company is also performing a nationwide upgrade to ultrafast fifth-generation, or 5G, standards using its own assets and some airwave licenses it acquired from Sprint.

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