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Don't Miss This Event.

Anyone who undertakes a home improvement project knows that access to the right tool is critical. The CME has introduced a set of tools for investors and traders that provide a direct route to some of the most volatile markets in the world. Volatility creates opportunities for disciplined traders and investors.

On Saturday, October 17, I will be conducting a webinar presentation to teach how market participants can use the CME's micro and mini futures products. Until recently, the standard contracts that require significant margin levels were the only offerings. Realizing that the traditional products were not appropriate for a broad audience of market participants, the exchange introduced smaller contracts, the minis, and the micros. Many market participants have little or no experience in the futures arena.

Micros and minis are products that can enhance your trading and investment activities. I hope you can join me as I describe how the use of these products provides another set of valuable tools. The minis are smaller contracts, and the micros are even smaller than the minis. Many market participants use ETF products and equities to take risk positions in assets where the futures offer the most direct route for investment or speculation. Take some time to listen in and learn how micros and minis can be an integral part of your approach to markets.

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