In typical fashion another one of Joe Biden’s warts gets ignored because of the biased left media, phony congress and those on the right that want President Trump out. Like the sexual abuse scandal, it looks like the Hunter Biden story has magically moved to the back burner before the story gets started.

If this were President Trump or anyone close to him the media would be calling for his head. It is a known fact that Hunter Biden was involved in some shady dealings with Ukraine and the Gas Company Burisma and $100,000 spending spree for Hunter Biden, James Biden (the Vice President’s brother) and Sara Biden (the Vice President’s sister-in-law) financed by Gongwen Dong, a Chinese businessman with ties to China’s largest private oil and gas company. Yet Biden gets a pass.

Obviously for the Biden campaign, all they have to do in order to refute or deny any of this is to say that the meeting one of these emails revealed that Vice President Biden had with the No. 3 in control of Burisma never showed up on his official calendar. There are all kinds of meetings that did not show up on his official calendar. From the media and supporters, you hear crickets. Not a word on major media outlets, Twitter, or Facebook.

The real question must be, why is one of the best presidents of all time who did nothing but build the economy twice, keep all campaign promises with no help from congress hated with so much passion? The answer is obvious, the swamp does not like outsiders playing with their backroom deals. There can be no other answer except the swamp, deep state and the crooks from congress and senate do not want to give up all that money they get from making horrible deals for Americans.

There really cannot be any other answers, even most on the right do not like President Trump for the same reasons. Our political system is broken down. Look at the face or our franchise, Biden, Pelosi, Sanders, McConnell, and many others that have been in office 35 plus years. All have no real accomplishments that have benefited the American people.

Makes you wonder where is the United States of America headed? Rioting, looting, and sanctuary cities are acceptable, while voting at the polls, going out to a restaurant are not. Like everything else it must be about the money. Let us ignore Biden’s lack of accomplishment and shady backroom deals. America, we have a problem that is getting worse and worse while everyone hates the one-man President Donald J. Trump who has been trying to fix it.

Todd Horwitz Chief Strategist
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