There is no doubt, but where is the proof? Lawsuits are not proof. No one would be happier if we finally broke the Deep State and Washington criminals. I hate what has happened to this country, but show me the money.

I know that this election was stolen like others before it, in 1960 JFK was elected in a fraudulent election. If these lawsuits are going to be fruitful, there must be overwhelming proof, not a belief. We all know Washington and most politicians are crooks and steal our elections, our money, and other things. The Republicans are just as bad, most that remain silent through this are happy to get back to their basic business of stealing.

There is proof this election was corrupt from video tape to affidavits and a lot in between. Court after court has shut this down, which means the ultimate decision will come down to the United States Supreme Court. That brings the question: Does the Supreme Court have the stones to overturn this election?

Looking at the numbers only, the metrics just don’t add up. In other words, this election was a statistical anomaly. With the Republicans holding the senate and making huge gains in the house shows too much fuzzy math. A few of the interesting facts, President Trump received more votes than any incumbent in history, yet President Elect Biden received the most votes in history.

The huge dump of votes at 4:00 am, 90% for Biden, many states having more votes than registered voters. Underage voting was also a huge factor. Voting machines changing votes from Trump to Biden. The biggest story, which is fact not theory caught on video tape, a vote counter counting the same stack of votes repeatedly. There is so much more but you get the idea.

There is one fair solution that everyone should agree on, to have the six states in question have a new vote on January 5th with the senate runoffs. This would have to include a request for absentee ballots or vote in person. I doubt this will happen knowing the hatred for President Trump, plus the way our freedoms have been systematically taken away over the last 40 years.

It is time to stand up and be counted, we can’t afford to give away any more of our rights.

Todd Horwitz Chief Strategist
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