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AstraZeneca Strikes Vaccine Deal

AstraZeneca reached a licensing deal with Chinese firm BioKangtai to help provide its adenovirus vector-based COVID-19 vaccine candidate, created by the University of Oxford, to China, AstraZeneca said in a social media post on Thursday. The pair will […]

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What a Mess

As the new bull market roars on the country is in a serious mess. From BS COVID-19 reports to the name changing of sports franchises there is continued focus on trying to erase history. What […]

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Can the Left Blame President Trump for Everything?

After years in politics, Joe Biden 51 years, Chuck Schumer 45 years, Nancy Pelosi 33 Years, Patrick Leahy 54 years, Maxine Waters 47 years and Dianne Feinstein 60 years, remind me what have they done […]

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