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America is No Longer a Free Country

As we predicted months ago, Americans were slowly losing their freedoms and rights. Not only is the media more left than right, all three branches of government are now all left. We don’t like any […]

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Goodbye Freedom and Capitalism

Can you feel your freedom slipping away? It’s like the wicked witch of the west has stormed in and our free America is being taken away. Now they are taking this years Thanksgiving away. Facebook […]

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If You Do Not Love America, Get Out!

As America approaches another election, the hatemongers of President Trump are out in full force. Threats of leaving America if President Trump gets reelected are coming from the same stars that promised us in 2016 […]

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American Freedom is Disappearing

As I have feared for many years, the left continues to chip away at my freedoms, including my first amendment rights. Many of you know I do Bubba’s Bottom line on Sunday and get blasted […]

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