After the FED delivered their minutes on Wednesday the markets started to give way although closing higher on the day. This morning the selling is resuming but only slightly lower. 

With the big rally the last few days it should be no surprise that there is some profit taking. The sell off will benefit our positions and make our rolls in our double diagonals easier to roll today or tomorrow.

Saturday Call Recording: 2019-01-05 Saturday Call Recording

Open Positions 

QQQ – Long 2 February 15th 160/145 Strangles
Short 2 January 11th 158/147 Strangles

SPY – Long 2 January 18th 262/248 Strangles
Short 2 JANUARY 11th 260/250 Strangles

IWM – Long 2 January 18th 147/133 Strangles
Short 2 January 11th 145/135