Americans are going to give up some of their rights

It’s a sad day when politics is the lynch pin between getting a deal for more money to help small business or Nancy Pelosi talking about eating her Dove bars. We will assume her chocolate fix is more important than the American people. It’s a sad day in America when congress sits on their ass for three years and does nothing but try to unseat the sitting president.

What happened to all for one and one for all in America? When did it become acceptable for congress to do nothing for their entire term and berate the president? For 3 years, Nancy Pelosi and her congress have done less than zero, just look at her own district. Number one in the amount of homeless in the country. Now that is something to be proud of?

It’s a sad day when the only opinion that counts is that of the left, which backs socialism and dirty dealings with foreign policy. According to the left there is no right and if you aren’t with them you have no rights and your opinion doesn’t count. What a breakdown in the political system.

It’s a sad day when the best the left can come up with for the next president of the United States is the same as a 78-year-old 2-time soon to be 3-time loser. Joe Biden who probably has more side deals than anyone from all the years in politics. His son is still listed on the board of a Chines company. Is that a coincidence?

It’s a sad day when all signs point to socialism without Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren winning, however that is the direction we are being led. Between the FED legalized Ponzi scheme and the potential new digital currency, which will track you from birth to death. Once again Americans are going to give up some of their rights.

We know that both parties are bad in their own ways, stuffing spending bills with worthless crap. This has been going on forever and shows no sign of ending. The real problem, only President Trump seems to really care about Americans. You can hate him, love him, but you should respect the president. The obstacles put before him since the day he took office are criminal.

It’s a sad day.

Todd “Bubba” Horwitz