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This software is an aid to anyone who has completed our “Part-Time Day Trading” futures course. The course is not a requirement, but the knowledge you get is unparalleled in preparing you for this type of trading. You’ll learn how to spot predictable trends in the market with a predictable chance of success. We have a software package that will help identify those patterns more “mechanically”. 

Trading can be emotional. Our online software package will help eliminate that emotion by using complex formulas to read the trends in the market.

We can help day traders find trading opportunities when those opportunities present themselves.

This software will display and “announce” specific trades as they occur. Once a trade is entered, the software will manage it by adjusting the stop price as the price moves.

Every trade has a defined risk BUT has unlimited upside potential. On average, the software’s success rate is about 60%, meaning some trades will be losers while the majority will not.