Not enough rain in Nebraska, spring freeze in Florida, or a mild winter in Minnesota.

Often it is headlines like these that will make a savvy equities investor tremble at the thought of investing in wheat, orange juice or heating oil.  Today to truly diversify your investments you need a position in the futures markets.

It can be intimidating to buy corn, cocoa or cotton, but with my algorithmic futures program trading copper is as simple as reading a text message and making the trade with your broker.  

Algorithmic trading allows your portfolio to grow while you are 100% invested at all times, in all market conditions.

I’m happy to say that futures trading is easier than ever and my advice and tools can quickly help you become comfortable with regular futures trading.

My algorithmic trading platform is designed for all investors, including those with limited experience, limited time, and limited funds.

Because you are investing to take advantage of both ups and downs in the market, all of your money is working for you instead of sitting on the sidelines waiting for the right moment to buy and sell.

You will quickly become more confident as you see your portfolio grow and diversify, and the more you diversify, the safer your overall portfolio will be, further increasing your confidence.

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