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Equity Portfolio Management and TechnoMental Commodity Report

$199.00 / month

Learn how to use leverage properly ~ Trade mechanically and emotion free.

Check out Bubba Trading’s Newest Product: Bubba’s Equity Portfolio Management 

Bubba’s Equity Portfolio Management is designed to hit home runs with mathematical precision. Unlike like some of the grinding models you might have used in the past, these portfolios are designed to stay in for extended periods and the longer you’re in the trade the more profit you’ll be racking up.

  • Minimize risk while maximizing profits
  • Use mathematical precision in your trades
  • Choose from 3 model portfolios depending on account size


Weekly commodities commentary and calls, from a Wall Street veteran

Get Smarter About The Entire Commodity Complex

The TechnoMental Commodity Report is one of the most comprehensive, deep-dive research reports available on commodities markets today. The analysis is founded on decades of experience in the sector. The report is designed to give you everything you need to know about commodities while also providing actionable buy and sell recommendations. Over 100 members are taking advantage of the TechnoMental Commodity Report’s insights.

  • A robust weekly report on most Wednesday’s covering stocks, bonds, currencies, precious metals, energy, base metals, grains, animal proteins, and soft commodities.
  • A trading algorithm that follows a technomental approach to markets, following trends, with the option for automatic execution of futures and ETF/ETN positions.
  • A weekly summary report covering the commodities sector
  • Comprehensive quarterly reports on each of the six commodity sectors and a general report that offers longer-term best bets for the coming quarter. 



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