Bubba’s Equity Portfolio Management PLUS Weekly Options Saturday Call Monthly Combo

$199.00 / month

Bubba’s Equity Portfolio Management

Learn how to use leverage properly ~ Trade mechanically and emotion free.

Check out Bubba Trading’s Newest Product: Bubba’s Equity Portfolio Management 

Bubba’s Equity Portfolio Management is designed to hit home runs with mathematical precision. Unlike like some of the grinding models you might have used in the past, these portfolios are designed to stay in for extended periods and the longer you’re in the trade the more profit you’ll be racking up.

  • Minimize risk while maximizing profits
  • Use mathematical precision in your trades
  • Choose from 3 model portfolios depending on account size

Plus Bubba’s Weekly Options Saturday Call

  • Weekly Saturday Webinar

  • 3-4 New Trade Recommendations every week with daily updates





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