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(1) Equity Portfolio (7A)

Learn how to use leverage properly ~ Trade mechanically and emotion free.

Crowds make the best decisions. In 2006, James Surowiecki wrote a book, “The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes, Business, Economies, Societies, and Nations.” In his work, Surowiecki examines case studies to prove his thesis. Markets are transparent, and the price of any asset at any time is always the correct price. Markets are always right because they reflect the wisdom of the crowd.

Trends reflect if buyers or sellers are more aggressive, representing the consensus or wisdom of the crowd. Trend following is the optimal approach to making profits in markets; ask any successful trader or investor. Even value investors who pour through fundamentals understand that the analysis can be useless if the crowd does not adopt a bullish or bearish stance.

The most significant problem traders and investors face when approaching markets comes from within. Emotions run counter to logic and trend-following. The market is always right, and emotions like fear and greed drive humans to make bad decisions.

Bubba Trading’s (7A) Equity Portfolio service looks to hit home runs in markets with mathematical precision. The model and its algorithms do not look to buy bottoms or sell tops; that is a losing strategy over time. Instead, the system works to take the “meat” out of trends or moves.  

  • The Equity Portfolio Management System minimizes risk while maximizing profits
  • The system employs mathematical precision for all trades and risk positions
  • Subscribers receive email and text updates 
  • Subscribers receive access to the Equity Portfolio Auto-Trading Management Module 
  • Automatic execution is available via opening and funding a trading account with, our preferred online brokerage

Our Equity Portfolio Software use’s Tradier’s APIs to help automatically make the trades for you.  Once your Tradier account is all set and funded), simply launch the Equity Portfolio Software from the My Account page on The software will allow you to create and auto trade one portfolio.

  • Trading webinars occur approximately every two weeks

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