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All markets run in cycles, and the current bull market is the longest since the end of World War II seventy years ago. Many investors think that “this time is different” and that markets no longer run in cycles. They can only go up because the Fed will continue to print money, the laws of supply and demand no longer hold. At Bubba Trading we believe that you should always be hedged,  under-hedged at lows and over-hedged at highs. The story never changes, protection is always the key. Hedging properly allows the investor to participate in up moves, not be destroyed in down moves and at certain points increase the yield in dollars to your portfolio. Join Bubba for your all your hedging needs. Bubba Trading teaches you the investor the strategies to handle the hedging and management on your own. This program is a six course webinar series with no cap on attendees.


Hi Todd –

Yesterday I hedged my NFLX position  with a  (-7) 108/(+14) 107 Backratio Put spread.

Today, I gladly paid the $700 for the short 108/107 Puts and then exercised my 700 Shrs NFLX for $107 (currently @ $94.87).

Now THAT’s hedging!

Thanks so much –


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