President Trump may have prematurely claimed victory on Wednesday morning, but Todd Horwitz said that the incumbent was right to do so, adding that Biden has “no chance” now of overcoming the odds stacked against the Democratic nominee.

“If you look at the actual numbers we have now, based on the percentage counts and based on what could be left to count, [Trump] has won the election,” Horwitz said.

As of 3:38 am EST, stock futures showed mixed results, with the S&P 500 futures up 0.57%, NASDAQ futures up 2.43%, and the Dow down 0.15%. Gold last traded at $1,893 an ounce.

Horwitz said that it’s unlikely we will have the final election result in the next day, but he does not foresee lots of volatility up ahead.

Source: Kitco News