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Get the upside of leveraged stock purchases, with the downside protection of options.
Get it all in one place.

A Professional options trading strategy:

Get the upside of trading leveraged equities.

Get the downside protection of options strategies.

Create synthetic equities with options!

What is the program?

Unlimited Upside Potential.

When it comes to profit potential, the sky’s the limit with our strategy. Each week brings unlimited profit potential, giving you the opportunity to grow your account exponentially.

Defined Risk.

Risk is always a concern in trading, but with our strategy, you can rest assured that risk is entirely limited and defined on every trade. We prioritize your financial security, allowing you to trade with confidence.

Systematic Method.

What sets our strategy apart is its 100% mechanical and systematic approach. No guesswork or emotions involved. You can rely on our tried and tested system to guide your trades and make informed decisions.

Works Regardless Of Market Trends.

Whether the market is experiencing an uptrend or downtrend, our Equity Portfolio Management System has you covered. We have designed this strategy to profit in both market conditions, ensuring that you can make money regardless of the market’s direction.

Market Reactive, Non-Static.

At Bubba Trading, we believe in letting the market speak for itself. That is why we use the weekly strike price chosen by the market, ensuring that our trades are well-aligned with market sentiment and maximizing our potential for success.

Fully Automated Trading Strategy

If you execute through Tradier Brokerage ($10/month with no additional fees!), the strategy can be automatic.

You still control leverage, risk, and can open or close positions as you desire, but the strategy can be executed automatically based on those parameters.

What do you get?

Each day, you will receive an email detailing the recommended positions. You make the adjustments, and let your portfolio run! Bubba will provide subscribers with options trades throughout the day.

If you are on the Tradier fully automatic strategy, the trades will execute automatically. You still control leverage, risk, and can open or close positions as you desire, but the strategy can be executed automatically based on those parameters.

You can use our software, or whatever program or brokerage you prefer for the options trading itself.

What are the minimum account requirements?

There are three account sizes:

$8,000 or $18,000 or $25,000

Who is it for?

The program is tailored for individuals of all experience levels, from absolute beginners to experienced traders. In addition to the automated method, trades can be open or closed manually, risk management and leverage adjusted, and more for the active trader.

It is specifically designed to compliment the “busy” trader, as it requires less than an hour of work per week to manage, though more time can be spent if the trader prefers to be more active.

Additionally, it is a fast track to trading live. While many traders want to learn the details of the system, the method and the program, others simply want to get down to trading.

Bubba explains creating synthetic stock on The Money Show.

#1 trading education program in the world

Bubba Trading, through its affiliation with Target Trading Academy, prides itself on being an award-winning, Five-star trading education program. This is achieved by developing programs with two focus points:

  1. A Consistently Profitable, High Probability TRADING STRATEGY
  2. A Simplified, Easy to Learn TEACHING METHOD

As s result, the programs under Bubba Trading and Target Trading Academy produce highly effective traders!

what are you waiting for?

With our simple-to-follow guides, step-by-step instructions, and helpful support from our team of experienced experts, you’ll have all the tools you need to begin trading options to generate extra cash or even a full-time side hustle. Don’t wait – start investing in your financial future today and find the trading success you’ve been dreaming of.

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