As America approaches another election, the hatemongers of President Trump are out in full force. Threats of leaving America if President Trump gets reelected are coming from the same stars that promised us in 2016 they would leave America. Why are they are still here?

It’s obvious that the radical left has no idea what America is all about. They seem to have forgotten how we arrived here, the troubles and problems we have gone through and solved throughout the years. America is not easy, being a good person is, except for those that are filled with hate and cannot wait to cause problems.

Being a good American takes a lot work because we are so diverse. We know it is not perfect, we know there is still work to do. However, trying to tear it down and eliminate history will only make us repeat history, instead of improving and becoming good Americans.

Obviously, the radical left cannot stand being out of power and will say or do almost anything to regain their power. It is interesting how much they complain about the president, about the country, when they are the ones causing the trouble.

For years, the left has basically had their foot on the throats of poor Americans making sure they get their welfare checks and other small perks just to buy their votes. It appears that those that were basically held back by the very group that was supposed to be helping them are waking up and deciding its time to think about their vote, and not automatically vote Democratic.

I was criticized over the weekend for telling John Legend to get the hell out of America, nobody wants you. It’s amazing that imbeciles like John Legend and other celebrities with their hollow threats think they can sway voters because they say they’re leaving America. I say get him the F**K out.

If you do not love America, nobody is twisting your arm to stay. Our objective should be to continue to improve and get better as we have done for the last 250 years. Once again, if you don’t love America- get out.

Todd Horwitz Chief Strategist
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