Can you feel your freedom slipping away? It’s like the wicked witch of the west has stormed in and our free America is being taken away. Now they are taking this years Thanksgiving away. Facebook and Twitter have already destroyed free speech, now holidays, what’s next?

Most of the states on the left are in lockdown preventing many of us from earning a living and destroying small business one at a time. It is unfortunate that the left would rather destroy their people all for a stimulus package, for the state of course, not for the individual.  This is what they voted for.

The party of the small guy has turned out to be the partner of big tech, big investors and much of the wealthy Americans who have made their money and now will benefit on the back of the little guy. You can try and spin it anyway you want, but there is no disputing the facts: lockdowns, free speech, and small business, adios.

With the new administration coming in you can bet we will be back in bed with the biggest human rights violator in the world, China. Add to that the EU and the other freeloaders and our hard-earned dollars will be flowing out of the country once again along with jobs.

However, illegal immigrants are celebrating with the wide-open borders taking more our dollars. The good news for Americans who work, we will have to work harder to make the same money. For those who love to live off the government more benefits coming for you.

The evils of capitalism will soon be gone. The FED’s printing presses will be fast at work, God help us. America we are going into a dark era, we will fight our way out, but it will be a rough period for most.

Todd Horwitz Chief Strategist
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