Gold continues to trade according to plan and of course the trend which is down. Since the downtrend has begun, Gold has failed at every resistance level and make a lower low. Until there is a trend change, we will continue to sell resistance level which is now 1800 April futures.

Silver and Platinum maintain their uptrends which should keep the rally going. Until the trend changes in Silver and Platinum making us buyers at support levels. The support levels we are watching: Silver 26.80 – 27.00 May futures, 1190-1200 April Platinum futures.

The best traders follow the path of least resistance in either direction. Those who can keep their opinions and bias out of markets have a much higher probability of success. Nothing guarantees success but taking care of your capital always keeps you in the game. Follow the path and increase your probability of success.

Todd Horwitz Chief Strategist
Stop being a prophet and make profits

Here is Saturday’s Recording of our Equity Portfolio using our proprietary Algorithms:

Recording: Equity Portfolio Management – Mechanical Algo Trading