It appears the churning of Gold and Silver is ending with the resumption of the downtrend. The inability to take out resistance is a clear sign that the buyers have failed, making room for the sellers to come in. There are no guarantees, but the price action suggests that will be the case.

Although we are long Platinum, the pressure is mounting there as well. It would be no surprise in the next few days to see the signal reverse and sellers to show in a big way. To be clear, we are staying long until the algorithm changes, but the price action suggests it could be soon.

Our current positions, short Gold and Silver and long Platinum will stay in place, but certainly Gold and Silver are in position to get ugly. The 1800.80 low that Gold showed last week is in danger of being breached. Silvers downside target is 23.00.

As we have witnessed, anything can happen, however price action is almost always right. All indications are that a big break is coming. Watch for acceleration to the downside to confirm the lower levels.

Todd Horwitz Chief Strategist
Stop being a prophet and make profits

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2021-01-23 Recording: Options Training Session 3

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