Gold continues to look bad especially if it goes back under 1800 April Futures. At the moment we see a dead cat bounce off of the hard sell off on Thursday and this morning’s monthly jobs number. We are short and don’t see a change for quite a while.

Silver looks like it is stuck in indecision. Monday’s huge rally on the possible short covering has quickly disappeared and now fighting to hold on. 26.00 is the key to watch in Silver, failure there and we can kiss it goodbye for a long time.

Platinum continues to trade in a range and uptrend. Platinum is the strongest metal right now, a breakthrough 1200 could take it to 1300-1500. The trend is solidly higher and will be that way until it isn’t. There is no way to time these markets.

Always keep this in mind, what is written in this commentary is based on short term trading and what my exact position is on any given day. However, I own and will continue to buy physical metals on a regular basis no matter what the trend is.

Todd Horwitz Chief Strategist
Stop being a prophet and make profits

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