Silver is making another attempt to breakout to the upside. We have been short Silver for months; the action the last two days indicates the bottoms may be in and a rally is coming. My guess, if Silver stays here or continues to rally today, we will be reversing tomorrow. Just remember we will be short today no matter what happens.

Gold has been on the move higher and is getting back to our long entry of a week ago. 1880 February futures are a key top in Gold, if it can break above levels it could be off to the races. The pattern is starting to look a lot more bullish after struggling the last couple of weeks. We are long, but basically a breakeven trade at this point.

Platinum is making a beautiful bounce from support and looks to be headed for 1000.00 ++. The pattern is extremely bullish especially the action the last couple of days. Looking at metals as a group it appears that they are all looking to move higher. As always, all decisions will be made after the trading day is over.

Todd Horwitz Chief Strategist
Stop being a prophet and make profits

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