The rally in Gold, Silver, and Platinum rolls on with Gold performing the best. Gold has not broken out again trading over 1900.00. We have no idea how high or long this rally will last, but the next major target is 2000.00. There should be a little resistance at 1950 but all signs point towards 2000.00 as the next stop.

Silver has been strong as well, but not to the same level as Gold. However, the longer Silver sits and struggles to breakout, the bigger the move we expect. Silver should trade up and through 30.00, we expect new highs. Our expectations are to see the highs made in 2013. This will take time and could have a few bumps on the way, but all signs point to a big rally.

Platinum remains the weak sister of the group, but looks headed for multi-year highs. With Platinum just over 1200 our next target is 1300. With all the developments in the economy, none of them good, we could see an accelerated demand for precious metals. We see Platinum as the biggest bargain, but Gold is the strongest.

The bottom line, the trend is up across the board and we are long across the board. We don’t actively trade Platinum because of the lack of liquidity in the futures markets. We do accumulate physical metals on a regular basis including Platinum.

Todd Horwitz Chief Strategist
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