The pressure on Gold remains strong, nothing has been able to shake the bears from selling. The trend is clearly lower, Gold is headed to 1750 and 1700. The path of least resistance is lower, we will remain short until that pattern changes.

Silver and Platinum are in solid up-trends with no signs of weakening. Platinum has made seven-year highs and has solid support at 1250 April futures. Silver is mid-range in between support and resistance. 26 -27 are support levels. The key for Silver is to get above 30. Should Silver get above 30 and hold, we could see a huge run higher.

The most important thing to remember, trends last until they do not. Flexibility when trading could be the most essential ingredient for success. Losses for most traders come because they let their emotions and opinions overrule the simple facts of what the markets are telling them.

Todd Horwitz Chief Strategist
Stop being a prophet and make profits

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