For weeks, the metals, equities, and other markets have created many challenges for traders. The trends have been established, however follow through has not been there. In other words, most markets are consolidating as they prepare for the next big move.

What is clear is that one day is as muddled a mess as the next. Obviously, trend traders are finding challenges to trading. Gold, Silver, Platinum, equities, and softs churn. This type of price action known as congestion will eventually end and a much bigger move is coming.

We know for a 100% fact that there will be a move. What we do not know is which way or how big it will be. Based on our algorithms we are playing them to go lower, however the algorithm can change as will we. For today, we are short Gold, silver, Platinum, and equities. That will not change until at least tomorrow.

Todd Horwitz Chief Strategist
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