Last night and this morning Gold is trying to reverse trend as it breaks through the 1840 level. The next key level is 1860 based on April futures. The trend is still lower, and this rally will turnout to be a dead cat bounce or a trend reversal. Until proven otherwise we will play this rally as a selling opportunity.

Platinum is shooting for the January 2015 highs and could continue to run. Platinum has been running higher for the past year after trading at 562. If Platinum can clear 1200, the next target would be 1245 and possibly higher. The trend has been higher, we will continue to be long with no reason to sell.

Silver looks ready for a run to the upside as it held major support at 26 and now looks headed to our next target of 28. The Gold/Silver ratio continues to come in and is now trading at 70-1 versus Gold. That ratio was well over 100 a couple of months ago.

As of today, we are long Silver and Platinum, short Gold. We would add longs to Silver at 26, wait to add to Platinum until a breakout above 1200 and sellers of Gold at 1860. Remember, trades we make can be reversed when the trend changes. All our trades are based on our Algorithm that produces favorable results 66% of the time.

Todd Horwitz Chief Strategist
Stop being a prophet and make profits

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