The trend for Gold and Silver remains lower and both are under pressure this morning. They have both rallied a small amount from their lows but look weak just the same. The lower trend brings expectations of new lows.

Looking at all market statistics, 35% of the time they trend in a direction which currently is lower. Markets spend 65% of the time in consolidation meaning they are going nowhere and in the greatest time of uncertainty. This pattern exists in all markets.

One thing to remember is that all markets are the same as they go through different phases. We call this universal price; these patterns exist in all markets and in all time frames. The shortest time frame will always resolve itself into the longest.

When trading we make certain assumptions based on the phases of the market and our proprietary algorithm. We will follow the trend until it changes. The trend for Gold, Silver and Platinum are lower, we remain short. The only exception is Platinum which we no longer actively trade because of liquidity, although we buy physical as an investment.

Todd Horwitz Chief Strategist
Stop being a prophet and make profits

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