There isn’t much to say or write about when it comes to the metals. They are stuck in a very dull trading environment. It’s obvious the lean is to the upside as every selling attempt has been met with buyers.

As we have written before, the pain and torture of a consolidating market is brutal on everyone. Traders typically suffer the worst because they try and force the action versus sitting watch. Some of the best trades you will ever make are the ones you don’t.

There is an old saying “It is better to wish you were in a trade than to wish you weren’t.” This is the type of market we have right now. Although we are long through our algorithm, we are not trading, we are holding until the trend changes. We only trade once a day if at all.

Until further notice, observation and patience appear to be the best trades. No money was ever made forcing a trade. Side note CPI just came out and markets got hammered, Gold and Silver marginally lower.

Todd Horwitz Chief Strategist
Stop being a prophet and make profits

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