Futures Micro and Mini Portfolios Weekly Update

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A historic week for our algorithm and a historic week for many of the markets we trade. Price predicts price- not traders or investors. 

The performance results this year and particularly this week are literally staggering and out of this world. This is the power of my method if you have the psychological wherewithal to follow it without bias or preconceptions. 

Note that we are far above the equity trend/regression lines in the Model Portfolios. This tells us that soon we will experience a drawdown. Does this mean that we should not trade our Model Portfolio? Absolutely not, and it is critical that you follow the signals 100% of the time whether we are making new equity highs or new equity lows. The reason is, we have a proven statistical edge of about 66% for every trade we make and over time, these accumulated edges produce a positive result (we make money). 

If you look at the equity graph of the 226k Model Portfolio, we went sideways for about nine months which means we were not making money- just treading water. If you decided to quit trading it (and some did), you missed out on the historic run we have experienced over the past fifteen months. This week alone, the 226k made over $95,000.00! The 28k made over 5,000 this week. Almost every portfolio is at all-time equity highs. 

You must commit to the Model Portfolio you are trading and stick with it no matter what. Those that do will see new equity highs in their futures trading accounts because that is what has happened in every case over the years. Again, consistency and discipline are the keys to success. 

We make big money by being long term position trend traders- nothing more-nothing less. You need to be 100% disciplined to replicate the Model Portfolios and the more you deviate from full discipline, the worse your performance. 

Unfortunately, my experience also tells me that fewer than 1% of all traders have the discipline required to be successful. This statistic explains the high failure rate trading futures. 

New Trade

Reverse June DJIA e-mini from short to long (28k/17k/5k)

Reverse June NASDAQ 100 e-mini from short to long (28k/17k/5k) 

Reverse June S&P 500 e-mini from short to long (28k/17k) 


**Trades can be entered during the electronic night session or in the morning. However, in volatile stock index and currency markets, you should enter a trade as soon as possible
-meaning the beginning of the electronic night session as it will tend to be a more profitable entry point. Trades shown in the Model Portfolio spreadsheet are the fills I get for my own trades. Your trade entries can be better or worse.

28k Mini Micro Portfolio

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