Futures Micro and Mini Portfolios New Trades

Futures Symbol Guide

The new trades are a reversal in direction and a roll to the new expiration

New Trade

Sell Dec DJIA e-mini and Sell March DJIA e-mini (reversal and roll/over) (28k/17k/5k)

Buy Dec Swiss Franc and Buy March Swiss France (reversal and roll/over) (28k17k)


**Trades can be entered during the electronic night session or in the morning. However, in volatile stock index and currency markets, you should enter a trade as soon as possible
-meaning the beginning of the electronic night session as it will tend to be a more profitable entry point. Trades shown in the Model Portfolio spreadsheet are the fills I get for my own trades. Your trade entries can be better or worse.

There is an error in the 28k portfolio, I will send the corrected version later. The profit is overstated, although we had a great week even with the error. I will send as soon as I fix the error  

28k Mini Micro Portfolio

17k Micro Portfolio

5k Micro Entry level Portfolio

16k Model Portfolio