Can you feel it? That is the big blue wall starting to crumble as the truth is starting to come out. General Flynn charges get reversed and his guilty plea vacated. The truth is coming out on the illegal activities of the FBI. Flynn was a target of the Obama administration and basically entrapped into lying to the FBI.

The investigation into Russian collusion in the election was always suspect all the way through the Mueller investigation which was two years of lying garbage. With the Justice Department moving to drop charges against Gen. Mike Flynn, pretty much the entire “RussianGate” investigation has been exposed as a fraud. Now the lefties are scrambling for cover.

After staying mostly silent for the 3 years of the Trump administration, other than the occasional shot and how bad President Trump is, President Obama has been silent. Suddenly he has now gone on the offensive trying to make the charges stick. Is president Obama starting to worry about the information and secrets of the activities of his administration starting to surface?

From disgraced agent Peter Strzok to Comey and the others the truth is starting to come out. The secret meetings all over Washington with the members of the conspiracy promise to bring a lot of fireworks. Strozk bragged via text that he had an “Insurance Policy” to assure Trump would not be elected, he should get a refund.

Ironically, Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (shifty schiff) has apparently been pushing to prevent the release — as he has claimed he had “direct evidence” of Trump-Russia collusion that neither the FBI nor even Mueller’s endless probe ever found. Can we say Schiff was a liar trying to manipulate the system in his favor?

The only way to keep the truth about Obama never sees the light of day is to defeat Trump in November, which is why the left is bringing sleepy Joe to the party, a puppet who is confined to his basement and if he were to win, the secrets would be buried.

It seems that none of the 53 witnesses interviewed by the committee — including Obama officials Jim Clapper, Loretta Lynch, Sam Power, Susan Rice, Sally Yates and Andrew McCabe — never saw evidence and testified to those facts. Yet General Flynn went to jail and President Trump has spent his entire administration defending himself against the lies.

The big blue wall is tumbling down and many of the leaders will be searching for lawyers. Expect to see President Obama on the offensive trying to keep these secrets covered up. This cover up looks bigger than Watergate, the only difference is the media is biased to the left. The truth will come out and there promises to be a lot of fireworks.

Todd Horwitz Chief Strategist
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