After years in politics, Joe Biden 51 years, Chuck Schumer 45 years, Nancy Pelosi 33 Years, Patrick Leahy 54 years, Maxine Waters 47 years and Dianne Feinstein 60 years, remind me what have they done for the people?

Can the left blame President Trump for everything? The short answer is yes. According to those on the left the President has done nothing good and has caused everything that is bad. The left’s motto has been: let us do nothing for the American people and make sure we are a roadblock to destroy the economy!

For 3.5 years all we have witnessed is Pelosi, Schumer and the gang try to tear down this country and assign the blame to President Trump. Whether it was COVID-19 or the George Floyd riots and looting, the President is to blame. It obviously has nothing to do with the left side of the aisle, or does it?

Where has the majority of the trouble been, New York, California, Illinois? What party controls those states? If you have forgotten those states are controlled by the left. Those are also the states that have the most financial trouble, biggest deficits, most violence, and double standards.

By all means let us blame President Trump for your troubles, obviously a strong economy in the face of these troubles has not helped. The hatred for the president, if it wasn’t such a serious issue, would be comical.

Our freedoms and rights are at stake with the media at the center of blaming the president for everything. Social media, which is owned by the left and for the left has started to block the views of the right eliminating free speech on their platforms. Their agenda is clear and if we continue to allow the stripping of our rights to continue, this country will fall apart.

President Trump is hated by all of the left and some of the right all because he is doing exactly what he said he would do throughout his campaign: drain the swamp. The bad crooked deals by the lobbyists, senators and congress are over under President Trump. The special interest groups who have done more to damage this country are coming to an end. Go ahead and give up your rights to free speech, the right to bear arms and many other freedoms leaving us no freedom.

If we are not careful soon, we will all be working for the government, paying higher taxes, and supporting those that don’t want to work. Let’s raise the minimum wage, limit earning power and take away the dreams that built this country. Eliminate the Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and other great innovators by taking away the desire to succeed.

Why does the left want to bring in Vice President Biden? Because he is weak and can be controlled by the party and has not had an original thought in his career as a politician. Your freedom is being controlled and manipulated by the left and if we are not careful, we will become Venezuela.

Todd Horwitz Chief Strategist
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