Thursday it was nice to see VP Biden get out of the basement and do a press conference. It’s nice to see that he can still field questions as they appear on a Teleprompter before he is asked them. Watching the way in which he called on reporters and answered the questions, basically, in order… at least he can still read.

However, it is an embarrassment to watch a 47-year failed Congressman and former two term VP get in front of a crowd and tell them all what a good job he has done and will do for the American people. The promises he was making on Thursday bring up a simple question, why hasn’t he done those things for the last 47 years?

It was easy to see that the press conference was more of a Trump bashing than it was a real appearance on the trail. Every question was directed at what Pres. Trump has done wrong and how bad the economy is among other ridiculous statements that were made by the media and VP Biden.

As the election nears with about 60 days to go, the hate Trump campaign will continue. The strategy is almost as laughable as the ticket of Biden and Harris. That ticket is there to lose to begin with, very much like McCain and Palin. However, the battering of Pres. Trump is not going to stop until he is out of office, which will be a little over four years from now.

The greatest economy of all will continue to flourish through Pres. Trump as soon as this election is over, and America can get back to work. The entire economy shut down is all about politics, which is why the states on the left are closed and the ones on the right are open. Look for dramatic changes in a full running economy starting probably in mid-November.

Todd Horwitz Chief Strategist
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