Americans, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee. The left is trying to take over and destroy your personal freedoms. Between the subsidized rioting, looting, and protesting, our country is becoming under siege.

In Portland, we are in over 100 days straight of rioting, with no end in sight. Most Americans continue to ignore what is happening in Portland because it does not affect them. However, those are the same words used during the Holocaust, not my problem. It is our problem because it will spread. Before you know it, your neighborhood will be loaded with paid, subsidized protesters.

This is no longer a Black Lives Matter protest. This is an effort by the powerful left to destroy what remains of our freedoms. From Facebook leaving up the pages of Antifa and taking down conservative content, it’s obvious they are part of this coup. The media is already a major player and has been so for years, suddenly there a lot more participants on board with destroying America.

Of course, they have made President Trump the villain in all this because he can do nothing right, according to the left, as we have watched them do nothing for his entire administration. Never in US history has a president been treated with so much disdain, but Pres. Trump rocks the boat and the special interest groups which cost them money.

This country was built on disruptors with Americans best interest. However, at this point, the disruptors are trying to destroy our way of life, starting with our first and second amendment rights.

Mail in voting is just another way for the left to try and steal the election as they have been trying to do since 2016. There are already many cases of voter mail fraud and the election is not even started yet. To be clear, according to the left, it’s okay to protest, but not okay to vote. It’s okay to protest, but it’s not okay to go to a restaurant and so on.

Americans, I leave it up to you to figure out if they are stealing our rights, but from my point of view this is going to be very ugly and we are on our way to becoming Venezuela.

Todd Horwitz Chief Strategist
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