As I have feared for many years, the left continues to chip away at my freedoms, including my first amendment rights. Many of you know I do Bubba’s Bottom line on Sunday and get blasted for my free speech by the left. I had not fully realized that not only do they want to wreck the country financially, but at the same time strike down the first amendment.

If you are not afraid you should be, the government has far too much power and slowly but surely are destroying our rights that our forefathers fought for. The latest 3 Trillion-dollar bailout package does nothing to help the victims of Covid-19, but more so is a plan to get Biden elected.

If we continue at this pace, free speech will become a thing of the past. If the left has their way there will be no first or second amendment. The current environment from the left biased media to Pelosi and company seems to be to destroy the freedoms we have enjoyed for over 200 years. The constitution is becoming extinct and sadly it appears that many don’t care.

Obviously, the political system in general is broken down, as money printing becomes the answer to everything. As the FED prints and the government spends, we the American people get the pleasure of paying for it in the long run. Do not kid yourself in thinking all of this stimulus, especially the new 3 Trillion-dollar package that passed the house is anything more than stealing the rights and freedoms of Americans.

Take a look back at many of the trade deals that were made over the years, they were all bad and did not have our best interest when they were made. Some lobbyist, politician (on either side of the aisle) was the true benefactor, the American people were not. Why else do you think every politician hates President Trump, reworking these deals is his way of draining the swamp.

America, we have real problems and they must be stopped. Look at individual states like New York, California and Illinois: they are the highest taxed yet they are broke, if that doesn’t send you a message you are not listening.

In the long run both parties suck, steal and have their best interests not ours. America please take your head out of the sand and look what you have in congress and the senate. Neither party cares about you or me, they care about how and what they can take for themselves.

Todd Horwitz Chief Strategist
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